Golf holidays in the Calvados

The Calvados landscape is called ‘bocage’, a word that translates into ‘scenic’ and which is defined by trees and bushes that are planted in such a way that they resemble the wings of a theatre. The landscape has many wood walls and hedges, hills and streams. In this pretty environment, five beautiful golf courses are situated. There are 6, 9, 18, 27 and even 36 holes courses:

Omaha Beach Golf Club

Near the Omaha Beach landing beaches, you will find the Omaha Beach Golf Club. Two 18-holes courses, close to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer, with beautiful views of the artificial harbor of Arromanches-sur-Mer. Pets are allowed!
Omaha Beach Golf Club 14520 PORT-EN-BESSIN-HUPPAIN

Ferme du Loterot

This 12-hole golf course of the Ferme du Loterot in Cahanges, invites you not only for golf but also for Swin golf, an easy and fun-to-play game. Instead of the usual golf bag with clubs, you get one three-sided club for all your strokes. You can also play disc golf. The aim is to hit the target with a frisbee.
Swin, Disc and Football Golf, 14240 CAHAGNES

Golf de Caen La Mer

North of the Calvados capital lies the former Blue Green Caen Golf Club, now called Golfclub La Mer. There is a 9- (Le Bois) and an 18-holes (Plaine Vallon) course, which you can play consecutively for a 27-holes experience.
Golf de Caen La Mer Golf Club, 14112 BIEVILLE-BEUVILLE

Domaine du Golf de Clécy


At 40 minutes of Le Château, in the heart of La Suisse Normande, the golf course of Clécy is situated. The picturesque setting is peaceful. Golf de Clécy has 6 kilometers of fairway with an 18-holes course. Also available: a hotel, a restaurant, a wellness center with sauna, steam bath, and a jacuzzi.
Clécy Golf Course, 14570 CLECY

Vire La Dathée Golf Club

Golf de la Dathée is an 18-holes golf course south of Vire, in the Normandy bocage landscape. This magnificent course invites you to play a technical round with hedges and waterfront obstacles. 
Vire La Dathée Golf Club, NOUES DE SIENNE